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  When we first formed the Taylor Hagen Memorial Foundation (THMF) and started the Utah Vision Rally in 2017, we didn’t know what kind of traction the event would have or exactly where THMF was headed.  We are honored to acknowledge that this has turned into so much more than an incredible way to remember our brother, son, and friend Taylor, and others lost to suicide or struggling with mental health challenges.  With the support of our community, we have found a unified voice and built a platform to educate, and spread our message of love, support, and inclusion.  We are making a difference. 


  All of us at Taylor Hagen Memorial Foundation are thankful the support we have received over the last year and a half.  It is empowering to align with other organizations who share our vision; the rally cry of these power players in our community is nothing short of amazing.  We especially want to give a shout out to the Producers of Holden On, Tamlin Hall, ABC 4 News, The Megan Joy Project, The Art of Joy podcast, The Red Dress Dinner and Huge Brand, who have helped increase our reach through by sharing their resources and championing our cause.


  We would also like to recognize our incredible Board Members, legions of volunteers, faithful sponsors, and irreplaceable friends.  No matter the role you played, it is all of you that bring this together and we want you to know just how important that is to us and our community.  Hats off to you- thank you so much.  Here’s a brief overview of what YOU helped us to accomplish!


  The Utah Vision Rally & Vision Casino Gala, our two major annual fundraisers, received an outstanding amount of support.  These events are essential to our Foundation- the money raised helps to fund our programs throughout the year to fight suicide and raise awareness in our community.  The Rally grew from about 50 bikes and 20 cars in 2017 to 150 bikes and 40 cars in 2018!  Thanks to our hosts at Timpanogos Harley Davidson and the Park City Fire District.  This rally is a touching and visible way to raise awareness and remember our lost loved ones. 


  This rally is a touching and visible way to raise awareness and remember our lost loved ones.  This year we created over 40 “memory posters,” which featured photographs of our lost loved ones submitted by participants, attendees, and others.  Volunteers held the posters at various locations throughout Park City as the Rally passed by.  Although an emotional part of the ride, this was such an amazing way to honor those that we have lost to suicide and remind us why we ride which we will continue with this year as well.


  The Vision Casino Gala grew from 150 attendees at the Union Tavern in 2017 to over 450 attendees at the Infinity Event Center in 2018.  We were blown away by the popularity and growth of the event!  The evening includes a catered dinner, huge silent auction, live auction, and casino play.  Our generous donors have spoiled us with plentiful and exciting auction items, such as gift certificates, baskets, art, camping sets, outdoor furniture, vacations, and air balloon rides!


  In 2017, we hosted our first Bereaved Mother Retreat, and since that time we’ve had the opportunity to share that experience with 28 mothers, “Giving grieving mothers a chance to cope, hope, and love.” Our 3-day retreats, which focus on self-care through energy healing, guided meditation, yoga, walks, and spa treatments are held in Park City, Utah.  In addition to introducing the importance of self-care, the retreats create space and time to grieve and connect with other women that have lost a child and understand what that entails.


  In 2018, our Foundation began creating “Hope Baskets,” which are delivered to families that recently suffered the loss of a loved one to suicide or the loss of a child.  Over 50 Hope Baskets have been delivered to grieving families since we initiated the project.  These baskets are meant to support recipients during the first stages of grief, providing comfort and guidance in a time that families often feel lost and disconnected.  Included are items such as: a journal, informative brochures, accessible programs, groups, or therapists for grief, therapy options, a day to day meditation grief book, a curated list of books for everyone in the family, THMF handmade essential oil grief candles, and ideas for self-care. 


  Another primary focus has been the development and growth of our Teen Vision Tribe, which   provides group activities- some fun and educational, others service-oriented- for adolescents ages 13-18.  The program is now recognized with our school districts, grief support groups and our local community partner programs. We are currently hosting group activities the first Saturday of each month with our mental health educated counselors and volunteers.  Our mission is to educate the younger generation on the importance of mental health and to demonstrate to our youth firsthand the self-care & healing that comes with nature and    friendship.


  To honor Taylor’s love of hockey, we created a hockey scholarship to be awarded annually to two teens each year that are in need of financial assistance to continue pursuing the thrill of the game.  We have found that, when our President personally presents these scholarships, we are also given the opportunity to tell Taylor’s story, raising awareness in our hockey and athletic communities that may be susceptible.


  Nothing on earth could have prepared our family for the loss of our Taylor. The thing that has truly saved us is the woman in charge of it all; the woman working tirelessly not only for her family but for the mothers, friends, and families that she has met along this new journey.  To continuously offer her love and support, her weekends are filled making the grief baskets and candles, planning our events and retreats, and orchestrating the Utah Vision Rally/Casino Gala fundraiser.  In all this, she still makes time for her family and friends.  She seems to have a sixth sense and is always there right when you need her. Just watch out because she loves fiercely.   Her strength through service and commitment to honoring Taylor is the most courageous thing I have ever seen. Our family and Foundation has been able to heal and grow through her example, even when faced with such devastation. We’re thankful to have such an inspirational woman to look up to and lead us in all things.  So thank you to our President, Cristie North, my mother and best friend. 

Thank you again!

Erika North-Rickard

Vice President

Taylor Hagen Memorial Foundation

“Taylor’s Big Sister”


Contact Us:

Cristie North   801.557.0550